You might be using your heat pump wrong!

Friday, June 17th, 2016

As the days get colder and power bills start to go up, you might ask: What is the most efficient way to heat your home?

We at AirCon New Zealand know that heat pumps are the best form of heating and by using a few easy tricks, you can stay toasty warm and cut down on power waste in your home.

  1. Use the timer

The first step to an efficient heat pump is learning to use the timer feature.

Don’t leave your heat pump on all day if you’re not there. You can program the unit to turn on half an hour or so before you get home or before you get up in the morning.

Using the timer also avoids the common mistake of cranking up the heat pump when coming home.

  1. Set it to the optimum temperature

Frequent changes of the heat pump thermostat is not ideal.

It is most advisable to set the thermostat to a healthy temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius and keep this temp as much as possible.

  1. Keep an eye out for the blue stars

We at AirCon New Zealand know it’s important to look for the blue energy star rating when buying a heat pump.

This mark identifies superior energy efficiency.

Like all heaters, heat pumps can use a lot of energy so it pays to get an efficient model. That’s why we stock Gree, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi heat pumps with the highest ratings.

Using a heat pump is best form of heating because it’s clean, efficient, and as long as you have the remote in you hands you can have instant heat.

Contact us today for a heat pump service or to get a more efficient one in your home!

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