Healthier Homes Canterbury with Environment Canterbury

Fund warmer and healthier homes through your rates

Healthier Homes Canterbury with ECan

Environment Canterbury in conjunction with the Canterbury District Councils has announced funding to provide up to $6000 advance to pay for home heating, insulation, and ventilation improvements.

"Healthier Homes Canterbury" initiative has been launched by Environment Canterbury and the Canterbury District Councils (see below) in September 2018 to assist home owners to improve the health of their homes through insulation, heating, and ventilation.

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Canterbury Regional Council's boundaries

This map of Canterbury District Council's boundaries also shows the territorial authority areas enclosed within the region. (Image is from Local Councils website)

The Canterbury District Councils included in the Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme are:

  • Christchurch City Council
  • Selwyn District Council
  • Timaru District Council
  • Kaikoura District Council
  • Ashburton District Council
  • Hurunui District Council
  • Mackenzie District Council
  • Waimakariri District Council
  • Waimate District Council
  • Waitaki District Council

Through the Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme, eligible ratepayers can apply for an advance of up to $6000 for heating, insulation, and ventilation improvements and pay it back through their Rates bills over 9 years with interest. More details are found on Environment Canterbury.

The Canterbury District Councils have begun accepting applications to the Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme.

Healthier Homes Canterbury applications now being accepted

Benefits of the Healthier Homes Canterbury programme:

  • Home Performance Assessment can be undertaken by an approved advisor to recommend the solutions which will provide you and your home the best effect.
  • Improves the health & comfort of your home while paying for the solution.
  • Healthy home, happy family.
  • Easy and convenient repayment option via your regular Rates bills.

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