Heat Pump Servicing

Heat Pumps require regular cleaning of the filters by the owner; however a proper clean and service is required to ensure your Heat Pump continues to run efficiently.

A Heat Pump can provide efficient heating to a home, but to keep it running effectively it must be properly maintained and cleaned. If neglected it will wear out faster and cost more to operate.

Having your Heat Pump professionally cleaned and serviced can improve its efficiency, reduce your energy bills and prolong the life of the unit. It can also help with odours and heat more effectively.

Professional Heat Pump cleaning helps maintain your warranty and is much more than just cleaning the filters.

Air Con strongly recommend that you have your Heat Pump cleaned professionally every year.

So if it’s been a while since your Heat Pump was professionally cleaned, we recommend you contact your local branch immediately and arrange an Air Con serviceman for professional Heat Pump cleaning, servicing and maintenance.

Heat Pump Service Check List – minimum requirements

  • Test all functions of unit
  • Remove cover, take outside, de-grease/dust/wash and rinse
  • Spray coils with degreaser on indoor unit Rinse Spray (protect wall from spray and water)
  • Clean top and ends of unit
  • Test drain by pouring water down Check it has drained away
  • Spray sanitizer over evaporator coils
  • Clean filters or quote to replace/change if necessary
  • Test run unit
  • Check air out temperature and record it
  • Visually check outdoor unit for:
  • a. Plant coverage
  • b. Oil/gas leak
  • c. Clean outdoor unit with degreaser and hose off as per training
  • d. Check insulation and pipes etc and repair if possible
  • e. Clean any dirt or soil from under outdoor unit and paver if not on feet
  • f. Check electrical safety on/off switch is secure
  • Fit Air Con service on end out of sight
  • Check client is happy and sign service form
  • Test Temp out and show client (return customers original settings)

Contact Air Con today for professional Heat Pump cleaning, servicing and maintenance.

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