High Quality LED Lighting Solutions – Why Buy LED Lights From Us?

LED = Light Emitting Diodes

LED’s bulbs are suitable for most general household use and are especially good for those fittings that are hard to access as LED’s won’t need changing for many years. They come in many different fitting types and vary in brightness just like a normal incandescent or halogen lightbulb.

LED Lighting

The difference is how they work. An incandescent bulb like the ones we use every day, produce 95% of their energy usage in heat and only 5% is the light we actually use them for. This is a massive waste of energy and more importantly, power! A replacement LED bulb that uses just 9 watts will produce the equivalent light output of a 75-watt incandescent bulb and last for around 15,000 hours or approx. 10 years.

LED downlights provide the same energy savings from a power usage point of view, but also provide massive savings by reducing the heat loss through downlight fittings and surrounds in the ceiling. Only specifically rated LED downlights can be sealed and covered with insulation due to the fact they don’t get hot like conventional bulbs. By doing this it then stops the heat loss and can increase the efficacy of your heating in that room by up to 300% saving you $1000’s in power bills.

Not to mention the fire safety aspect associated with LED downlights as they don’t get as hot. A halogen light can get up to 370 degrees in temperature and some homes have many installed. Our partner 


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