Ventilation and air conditioning systems in private country houses are used to supply fresh air to the living spaces, maintain comfortable microclimate parameters, as well as to clean the air from dust and other contaminants.

A person spends a significant part of his/her time at home, including night sleep. The quality of the air environment in living quarters largely determines how much he rests and recovers his strength. Compare for yourself. It is one thing to come to a house heated in the sun, the air temperature in which reaches, and sometimes exceeds +30 ° C. It is quite another thing to spend time in a comfortable environment with the air temperature automatically maintained at +20…22°C.

Equipment selection

The equipment responsible for the air conditioning process and air ventilation are fundamentally different from each other. Air conditioning affects the processes of preparation and treatment of air in closed rooms according to the following parameters: air temperature, air circulation rate in the room. To some extent we can also talk about air humidity, as almost all air-conditioning systems have the function of dehumidification, but they cannot humidify without additional modifications.

The equipment designed for ventilation system, however, affects one of the most important aspects for human life: maintaining the normal and necessary percentage of oxygen in the air.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems

However, there is equipment that can combine the processes of air conditioning and ventilation. The price of such equipment is less than the equipment separately for air conditioning and ventilation. Let’s understand it in more detail.

Duct units of multi-split systems or high capacity air conditioners

The first simple variant of the joint solution of air conditioning and ventilation is the use of duct blocks from multi-split systems or from air conditioners of large capacity. The big advantage of such a solution is the possibility of fresh air supply to each duct unit, which largely solves the issue with ventilation of such premises. For such cases, when selecting a multi-split system or a large capacity air conditioner, it is necessary to take into account the humidity of the outside air, which should be further either heated or cooled by the same system. This is probably the cheapest option among all possible solutions.

Duct units

To place duct blocks in the premises you need space for their location. Most often this is the distance from the construction ceiling to the suspended ceiling. This reduces the height of the room and not everyone is ready for this.

If it is a multi-split system, there are restrictions on the number of indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Usually it is up to 5 units at the rate: one indoor unit for one room. And if there are more than 5 rooms? Then it is necessary to put one more multi-split-system or to make ducting from one indoor unit to two or several rooms. Both of these options are not very convenient.

In duct units of such systems there is a limitation on the amount of fresh air supplied. It is no more than 25%.

It is also worth noting the economic benefits of using such systems.

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