Today, ventilation of administrative premises is a necessity for the normal work of the people who are in them. There are established norms of microclimate, which must be strictly observed, regardless of the layout and date of construction of the building. In new buildings, a modern ventilation system is provided already at the project stage. In older buildings, the engineering systems are renewed, new ducts are laid and appropriate units are installed.

All over the world there are certain ventilation standards for public and administrative buildings. This is due to the fact that the condition of the air in the room directly affects the health of people in it.

The main requirements for air quality and ventilation system are prescribed in SNiP. They are guided by all designers when calculating and selecting equipment. For different types of buildings there are certain requirements for indoor air.

What tasks are solved when designing the ventilation system of an administrative building:

  • Providing a comfortable microclimate in all rooms of the building;
  • Reliable operation without accidents and loss of capacity even during intensive operation;
  • Low noise level both inside and outside the building. Working external units of the ventilation system can create a lot of noise and cause inconvenience to the residents of nearby houses.

Let’s outline the basic concepts that determine what ventilation of administrative buildings should be.

The first thing that is fixed in the project is the type of building and the nature of work carried out in its premises. It can be a work shop, warehouse, sports facility, office and others. Conditionally, it is possible to distinguish three main groups of ventilation purpose. The system is aimed at serving only people in the room, to serve only the equipment or to serve people and machines together. And in administrative buildings, a combined variant is more common, since predominantly low-power office equipment is used and people are always working near it. However, for rooms with control panels, server rooms and similar spaces, it is advisable to calculate the ventilation system for servicing specific equipment. These will be different requirements for temperature and humidity in the room compared to those where people are always in the room.

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